123 Shampoo is our second basic step to an efficient cleaning process. 123 Shampoo cuts through dirt with ease. Despite this, it will not strip existing layers of wax. Special lubricants give a smooth feel as you wipe exterior surfaces clean, while long lasting suds help to lift dirt particles safely away. In addition to performing well, this shampoo also works out to be very economical thanks to its generous dilution ratio of 1900:1.

Directions for use: Add 1 capful of 123 Shampoo into a bucket, then fill with warm or cold water. Apply the shampoo to the car starting from top working your way down. (roof first then making your way around and to the bottom)Once covered in shampoo thoroughly rinse with clean water.

For best results use 123 Citrus Pre Wash before shampooing and use the 2 bucket wash method. one bucket with the shampoo mix and the second with clean water to rinse wash applicator after each wipe of the car.
Another cap can be added for more suds and lubrication if needed. 1 cap (5ml) of 123 Shampoo for every 10litres of water.

123 Shampoo


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