123 Citrus Pre Wash is an all purpose cleaner that can be used on pretty much anything. Whether its a Car, Van, Boat, Plane or in the Home.
This is our first step to an efficient cleaning process. Using this first will help remove contaminets such as bug splatter, Oil, Grease and Road grime.
This means theres less chance of those contaminetes causing swirl marks and damage to your paintwork while shampooing.Simply Spray at a diluted ratio on to the vehicle before washing and let the pre wash work for a few moments.Citrus Cleaner is also very kind yet effective wheel cleaner thats totally safe on ANY wheel finish, even highly polished unlaquered wheels or very expensive wheels where normal caustic or acid/alkaline wheel cleaners would not be an option.

Directions for use:Dilute 1 part citrus pre wash with 10 parts water. Spray all over paying special attention to the lower half of the car, wheels, grill and leave to work for 5 minutes. Then rinse with clean water.

Recommended dilutions:
Heavy Soling:(5/6 caps with 500ml water) 1 part citrus pre wash to 10 parts water.

Medium soiling :(2/3 caps with 500ml water) 1 part citrus pre wash to 40 parts water.

Light soiling :(1/2 to 1 cap with 500ml water) 1 part citrus pre wash to 90 parts water.500ml

123 Citrus Pre Wash


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